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Wired Sensor 1920 x 1387 copy.jpg
  • ​Tempertature Sensor

  • Air Quality and Humidity Sensor

  • Flow Sensor

  • Level Sensor

  • Pressure Sensor

  • Special Sensor

Temperature/Humidity/Air Quality Sensor
Room Temperature Sensor
Room Temp. Sensor.jpg
Duct/Water/Outdoor Temperature Sensor
All Temperature Sensor.jpg
Room Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Room Temp. Sensor.jpg
CO2 Sensor
CO2 Sensor.jpg
Duct/Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Duct Temp & Humid Sensor.jpg
CO2 + Temperature + Huidity Sensor
Temp-Humid-Co2 Sensor.jpg
PM2.5/PM10 Particulate Matter Transmitter
PM2.5 Sensor.jpg
Pressure Sensor/Switch
Differential Air Pressure Switch
Diff Air Pressure Switch.jpg
Differential Water Pressure Transmitter
Diff. WAter Pressure Tx.jpg
Differential Water Pressure Switch
Diff. Water Pressure Switxh.jpg
Differential Air Pressure Transmitter
Diff. Air Pressure Transmitter Teren.jpg
Liquid/Gas Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Sensor.jpg
Flow Sensor & Switch
Ultrasonic Water BTU/Flow Meter/Transmitter
Ultrasonic Flow Meter.jpg
Air Velocity Transmitter
Air Velocity Sensor.jpg
Level Sensor & Switch
Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter
Ultrasonic level sensor.jpg
Hydrostatic Liquid Level Transmitter
Water Level Sensor.jpg
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