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The demand of intelligent building’s construction is being covered from small to big buildings.  Even in small buildings, with correspondence to OA, sophisticated air-conditioning, lighting, fire, safety system and tele-communication system are installed for comfort and safety environment.  To manage these system adequately sophisticated Facility Automation System is required.


“INTELLIGENCE” Facility Automationt System offer a total solution approach to  provide sophisticated, integrated intelligent control and monitoring functions for buildings that will give you the smarts to guarantee tenent comfort and safety, to provide all the services equated with building intelligence.  The system features improves air conditioning, lighting, and other energy control capabilities.  This enables the building management department to accurately identify total energy consumtion and develop appropriate energy saving measures.


The system features enhanced fire, disaster, and crime prevention capabilities.  Also, the system can quickly and accurately identify emergency situations and implement appropriate response measures from the building management department when a fire, instrusion, or other emergency situation arises.


This system also enables the monitoring and control of multiple buildings from a central station, thus improving security and energy efficiency.  Furthermoe, it minimizes building maintenance and management costs, and thereby contributes to greater operating efficiency in multiple telephone exchange offices.

With “INTELLIGENCE”, Facility Automation System the operator Control Center becomes the window to the entire building. From HVAC, lighting, security, elevators or storageage tanks. “INTELLIGENCE” can also be interfaced to your building’s fire alarm, CCTV or security system to provide centralized alarming.

High resolution color graphics paint a picture of condition throughout a single building or at an unlimited number of remote sites. “INTELLIGENCE” can produce displays of equipment complete with animation. Moreover, Autocad drawings or “SCANNED” pictures can be directly imported as background displays.

Graphics can be “linked” to create a “walking tour” to entire building. Setpoints can be changed and equipment can be turned On/Off directly from graphic, creating a virtual control panel.

Virtual Control Graphic
1656500442426 copy.jpg
Equipment On/Off Scheduling

Our desktop calendar is the perfact answer for time scheduling. With noting more complicated than a mouse or touching a screen (when using an optional touch screen display) and on screen clock and calendar., your operation department can set up and adjust independent schedules for dozens of offices, or facility areas to turn on and off equipment such as; AHU’s, Lighting, or Alarm System, etc.

BAS 3.jpg
Historical Dat Logging and Trend

With “INTELLIGENCE” Facility Automation System , any useful information ; such as, KWH usage, KW demand or temperature, can be recorded and viewed on both tabular or graphical formats. Multi variable and multi graphical formats; such as line, bar or pie graph can be selected through software.

Remote Monitoring and Control

The “INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System can be accessed remotely via remote computer, tablet or smart phone over high speed or 3G/4G Internet by using standard web browser. To monitor or control such as; changing On/Off schedule can be done through this. This provides a highly flexible, yet cost-effective answer to multiple site energy management.

Remote PC.jpg
Remote Tablet.jpg
Open Protocol Port

INTELLIGENCE” Open System Port (OSP) allows the system to be programmed to communicate with other mocroprocessor-based systems via RS-232/RS485 serial communication or TCP/IPport. Information from these systems can be brought into database where it can be used as the basis for control and alarm decision, stored in historical logs, and displayed in dynamic color graphics,. This can be used for a wide variety of applications including;

Interfacing to existing Building Control Systems equipped with ASCII/Modbus/BacNet communication ports.

Interfacing to security and fire systems to provide a coordinated automation system for the building operator, without the need for “hard wired” connection between the systems.

System Architecture
1656500477358 copy.jpg

The “INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Building Automation System is a modular, expandable family of intelligent IP Based web server controllers for commercial and industrial distributed control applications.

The NetMaster contains the Central Intelligent Unit, or CIU which provides a powerful solution for network communication and information management across high-speed network, while the “INTELLIGENCE” controllers are providing direct digital control and monitoring of all building environment system.

“INTELLIGENCE” Facility Automation System can be expanded the system capability to multi-user environment, which can simutaneously access the system from workstation connected to NetMaster via High Speed Ethernet or dial-up modems.

BAS Diagram.jpg
BAS Network Controller
BAS Network Controller Model NetMaster
Network Controller.jpg
  • 64 Bit CPU
  • 1 X TCP/IP Port
  • 1 X RS-485 Port
  • Support Uo to 128 BAS Field Controller
IP Based Web Server Universal Controller
IP Based Web Server Controller Model IPM-1402
  • 14 Universal Inputs/2 Digital Output
  • 32 Bit CPU
  • 1 X TCP/IP Port
  • 1 X RS-485 Port
  • Web Server Built-In
IP Based Web Server Controller Model IPM-0808
  • 8 Universal Inputs/8 Digital Output
  • 32 Bit CPU
  • 1 X TCP/IP Port
  • 1 X RS-485 Port
  • Web Server Built-In
IP Based Web Server Controller Model IPM-0804
  • 8 Universal Inputs/4 Digital Output
      4 Analog Outputs
  • 32 Bit CPU
  • 1 X TCP/IP Port
  • 1 X RS-485 Port
  • Web Server Built-In
IP Based Web Server Lighting Controller
IP Based Web Server Lighting Controller Model LCU-100
  • 8 x 20 Amp. Relay

  • 16 x Universal Inputs

  • 2 x RS 485 Ports

  • 1 x TCP/IP

  • 32 Bit CPU

  • Web Server Controller

Lighting Relay Expansion Model Model LCUX-100DO
  • 16 x 20 Amp. Relay

  • Built-in Overide Switch

Analog Lighting Dimmer Module
Model LCUX-100AO
  • 16 x (0-10VDC/4-20mA Outputs)

  • Built-in Overide Switch

Digital Programmable Switch
Model RS Series
  • 1/2/4/8 Gangs Available

  • Programmmable Individual, Group or Pattern Switch

  • Built-in LED for Lighting Status

Freezer Monitoring Module/Water Leak Detector Module
Freezer  Monitoring/Alarm Controller Model FM-250W
  • 2 x PT-100 Input

  • 4 DI

  • 1 X TCP/IP

  • WEB Server Controller

Water Leak Detection Alarm Controller Model WDM-100
  • 4 X Water Detector Inputs

  • 2 X 2 Amp. Relays

  • 1 x RS-485 Port

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