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The demand of energy usage and energy cost is being increased from small to big buildings. To manage energy usage adequately sophisticated Energy Management System is required.

“INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Energy Management System offer a total solution approach to provide sophisticated, integrated energy usage control and energy monitoring functions for buildings that will give you the smarts to guarantee your energy saving cost.

“INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Energy Management System provides tools to accurately identify total energy consumtion and develop appropriate energy saving measures for reducing energy costs and consumption for buildings or communities. EMS collects energy data and uses it for Monitoring, Reporting and Engagement. Reporting includes verification of energy data, benchmarking, and setting high-level energy use reduction targets. Monitoring includes trend analysis and tracking energy consumption to identify cost-saving opportunities. Engagement can mean real-time responses (automated or manual), or the initiation of a dialogue between occupants and building managers to promote energy conservation.

Real Time Monitoring

All essential electrical data for electrical power supply system are continuous real time monitoring and being recorded through the Web Based Energy Management Software and display on a local PC, over a local area network (LAN) or over a high speed internet.

  • Voltage Real Time Monitoring

  • Current Consumption Real Time Monitoring

  • kW, kVA,kVAR Real Time Monitoring

  • Power Factor and Frequency Real Time Monitoring

  • kWh Consumption and kVARh Real Time Monitoring

  • Harmonic Real Time Monitoring

EMS copy.jpg
Historical Data Trendlog

With “INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Energy Management System , any useful information ; such as, KWH usage, KW demand can be recorded and viewed on both tabular or graphical formats. Multi variable and multi graphical formats; such as line, bar or pie graph can be selected through software.

Trendlog 1.jpg
Trendlog 4.jpg
Trendlog 2.jpg
Trendlog 3.jpg
Energy Usage Report
Energy Usage 1.jpg
Energy Usage 2.jpg
Electronic Billing
Billing 1.jpg
Billing 2.jpg
System Architecture

“INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Energy Management System can be expanded the system capability to multi-user environment, which can simutaneously access the system from workstation connected to via Local Area Network (LAN) or via High Speed Ethernet

Network Controller
Network Controller Model NetMaster
Network Controller.jpg
  • 64 Bit CPU
  • 1 X TCP/IP Port
  • 1 X RS-485 Port
  • Support Uo to 128 BAS Field Controller
Digital Power Meter
Multi Function 3 Phase Power Analyzer
Model Smart-X96
  • Read All Electrical Parameter

        including Harmonic

  • 2 DI/2 DO

  • Modbus RS-485

  • Accuracy Class 0.5

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