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In commercial buildings, lighting accounts for up to 40% of total energy cost. Reducing this energy consumption has become a major goal for building owners. An even greater level of energy reduction comes from turning off lights when they are not needed, optimizing light levels to suit worker needs, and reducing overall demand for lighting energy. Improving system-wide control over lighting is the best way to ensure that lighting energy is automatically reduced as much as possible. To manage these in order to save a lighting energy cost adequately sophisticated Lighting Control System is required.

“INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Lighting Control System offer a total solution approach to provide sophisticated, integrated intelligent lighting control for buildings that will give you the smarts to guarantee in order to reduce the lighting energy cost.

This system also enables the monitoring and control of the lighting system for multiple buildings from a central station.

Lighting Control copy.jpg
Virtual Control Graphic

With “INTELLIGENCE”, Web Based Lighting Control System the operator Control Center becomes the window to the entire building.

High resolution color graphics paint a picture of condition throughout a single building or at an unlimited number of remote sites. “INTELLIGENCE” can produce displays of equipment complete with animation. Moreover, Autocad drawings or “SCANNED” pictures can be directly imported as background displays.

Graphics can be “linked” to create a “walking tour” to entire building. Schedule can be changed and equipment can be turned On/Off directly from graphic, creating a virtual control panel.

Equipment On/Off Scheduling
1656501682771 copy.jpg

Our desktop calendar is the perfact answer for time scheduling. With noting more complicated than a mouse or touching a screen (when using an optional touch screen display) and on screen clock and calendar., your operation department can set up and adjust independent schedules for dozens of offices, or facility areas to turn on and off the Light.

System Architecture

The “INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Lighting Control System is a modular, expandable family of intelligent IP Based web server Lighting controllers for commercial and industrial distributed lighting control applications.

The “INTELLIGENCE” Web Based Lighting System can be expanded the system capability to multi-user environment, which can simutaneously access the system from workstation connected to NetMaster via High Speed Ethernet or GSM modems.

Network Controller
Network Controller Model NetMaster
Network Controller.jpg
  • 64 Bit CPU
  • 1 X TCP/IP Port
  • 1 X RS-485 Port
  • Support Uo to 128 BAS Field Controller
IP Based Web Server Lighting Controller
IP Based Web Server Lighting Controller Model LCU-100
  • 8 x 20 Amp. Relay

  • 16 x Universal Inputs

  • 2 x RS 485 Ports

  • 1 x TCP/IP

  • 32 Bit CPU

  • Web Server Controller

Analog Lighting Dimmer Module
Model LCUX-100AO
  • 16 x (0-10VDC/4-20mA Outputs)

  • Built-in Overide Switch

Lighting Relay Expansion Model Model LCUX-100DO
  • 16 x 20 Amp. Relay

  • Built-in Overide Switch

Digital Programmable Switch
Model RS Series
  • 1/2/4/8 Gangs Available

  • Programmmable Individual, Group or Pattern Switch

  • Built-in LED for Lighting Status

Lighting Control Sensor
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