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Differential Water Pressure Transmitter Model PDT

Application and Features


  • For diff. pressure measurement of compatible fluid and gas 


Sensor:                              glass micro fused silicon strain sensor 
Power:                               Current: 18.5~35VDC (RL=500O), 8.5~35VDC (RL=0O), 

Voltage output:                  16~35VDC, 16~28VAC 
Output:                              4~20mA (2 wires), 0~10VDC (3 wires) or RS485 
Output Load:                     < 500 Ohm (current), > 2kOhm (0-10VDC) 
Accuracy:                          typical ±0.5%FS (BFSL), see range specifications 
Range:                              see range specifications 
Display:                             LCD, with unit indication (kPa/mbar/in WC/bar/MPa) 
Temp. limit:                       work -20~70°C; medium -20~85°C; compensation 0~55°C 
Pressure Limit:                 see range specifications 
Response time:                <500ms 
Medium compatibility:       17-4PH stainless steel 
Housing:                           sensor: 17-4PH stainless steel; sensor: die cast aluminum; 

enclosure:                          fire retardant ABS+PC(UL94V-0) 
Protection:                        IP65 
Weight:                              0.5kg 
Approval:                          CE 

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