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Differential Air Pressure Transmitter ModelDPT/DPT-F/DPTN/DPTD

Application and Features


  • Apply high accuracy MEMS sensor and digital technologies, can measure positive, negative or differential pressure. DPT and DPTN is suitable for surface mount, DPT-F is suitable for flush mount, DPTD with static pressure probe is suitable for duct mount

  • It can measure system pressure of fan, blower, filter, furnace draft and orifice plate and can apply to various clean room, biological  safety  cabinet,  clean  bench,  ducts  collection, medical or pharmaceutical machine, etc.

  • Multiple ranges, engineering units and outputs

  • Good performance with accuracy of 1.0% and range as low as 25Pa

  • Function keys: zero calibrate, unit select, response time set, etc.

  • Field upgradable LCD display module and multiple ranges selectable. The LCD of DPTN/DPTD can have 180° reverse installation,  meets  different  installation  requirements  and wiring methods

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Medium:                                  non-combustible, non-corrosive air, insensitive to 

                                                moisture, dust, condensation and oil

Working Temp.:                       -20~70°C

Medium Temp.:                       0~60°C

Temp. Compensation:             0~50°C

Working Pressure:                   overload 10xFS, burst 15xFS

Accuracy:                                 ±1.0%FS (±2.0%FS@25Pa range)

Long term stability:                  ±0.5%FS/Year

Thermal effect:                       <0.05%FS/°C (zero), <0.08%FS/°C (FS)

Response Time:                      0.5/1/2/5s, can be set by DIP switches

Process Connection:              5mm ID tubing

Display:                                   DPTN/DPTD: 5 digits LCD, size 44x18mm, with

                                               unit indication

DPT:                                        4 digits LCD, size 65x18mm, with unit indication

Output:                                    0~10V, 4~20mA (2 wires), 0~5V, RS485 selectable Output Load:                           ≤500Ω (current), ≥2kΩ (voltage)

Power: Voltage:                       16~28VAC/ 16~35VDC

Current:                                   18.5~35VDC (RL=500Ω); 8.5~35VDC (RL=0Ω)

Units:                                       5 units, selected by DIP switches

Zero set:                                  easy to reset by external key

Materials:                                ABS+PC(housing) & PC(Cover), fire retardant UL94V-0 Protection:                               DPT/DPT-F: IP54; DPTN/DPTD: IP65

Weight:                                    DPT/DPTN: 165g; DPTD: 200g

Approval:                                 CE

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