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Carbon Dioxide Sensor 

Application and Features


  •  This series are designed for monitoring & controlling indoor air quality (CO2         

  •  CDWN/CDWC is suitable for wall mount and CDD is suitable for duct mount. CDD
     uses a patented probe structure for excellent sampling performance 

  •  High performance NDIR digital sensor and circuit, ensure precise measurement   and temperature compensation 

  • Stable, reliable and fast response 

  • Digital technology applied, over voltage and reverse polarity protection, high reliability and anti-interference capability 

  • All electrical terminals are on the inside bottom, avoid any possible destroy to PCB when wiring (for CDWN/CDWC) 

  • Multiple outputs selection 

  • LCD & function keys can set various parameters, calibrate and adjust output, so the product can be a stand alone controller (for CDWC) 

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