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Hydrostatic Liquid Level Transmitter Model LQ-100

Application and Features


HDL300 Series water level pressure transmitter core uses high quality silicon. The piezoresistive pressure filling core. The internal ASIC converts the sensor millivolt signal to standard voltage, current or frequency signal, which can be directly connected to a intelligent control instrument or PLC. Current mode can be used for distance transmission. It has a small volume, light weight, stainless steel structure and is used in corrosive environments. The product is installed and has Anti-vibration and anti-impact performance.Widely used in process control, aerospace, automobile, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields.

Widely used in


  • water plants, water treatment plants, urban water plants,

  • swimming pool

  • water tanks, oil tank

  • hydrogeology, reservoirs, rivers, oceans and other places

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