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Air Velocity Transmitter Mode AVT

Application and Features


  • It is designed for air velocity monitoring and controlling in the ventilation system and reducing energy consumption in BMS and various HVAC applications

  • Used for continuous measurement of single-point air velocity. AVT2 is used for general duct installation, AVT4 is used for remote installation

  • Based on thermal anemometer principle, use innovative and sensitive hot-film sensor, which is insensitive to dust and dirt, easy to install and maintain

  • No moving parts, provide accurate, reliable, sensitive and long-term measurement, with good temp. compensation

  • Digital technology applied to ensure output accuracy

  • Over voltage and reverse polarity protection with high reliability and anti-interference capacity

  • Multiple outputs and optional LCD display

  • Innovative probe structure design, various probe lengths available, with scales on

  • DIP switch selectable ranges: 0~5/10/20/30 m/s

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Air velocity


Sensor:                                     Hot-film sensor 

Range:                                      0~5/10/20/30m/s, DIP switch selectable

Accuracy:                                  ±(0.2m/s+5% reading) or ±(0.2m/s+3% reading);

                                                 @0.5~20m/s, 25°C, 55%RH, 1013hPa

Response time:                         2 s

Angle dependence:                   < 3 %reading @ | Δα | < 10°

Temperature compensation:     10~40°C

Output: 4~20mA(3 wires),         0~10V/0~5VDC, RS485/Modbus



Sensor:                                      Digital temperature sensor

Range:                                       0~50°C Accuracy: <±0.5°C@25°C

Response time:                         10s

Output:                                      4~20mA(3 wires),0~10V/0~5VDC,RS485/Modbus

Output Load:                             ≤500Ω(current), ≥2kΩ(voltage)

Display:                                     LCD, with engineering unit, m/s or ft/s, DIP switch


Power:                                       18~28VAC/18~35VDC

Working                                     Temperature: -20~70°C, 0~95%RH(Non cond.)

Housing:                                    fire retardant PC (UL94 V-0)

Protection:                                 IP65

Approval:                                   CE

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