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Duct/Water/Outdoor Temperature Sensor/Transmitter

Application and Features


  •  Apply for temperature measurement in duct air(T2/T2N), water and steam pipe(T4/T4N), outside air(T3N) and insert or stick(T5) and strap-on(T6N) 

  • High performance thermistor & RTD, ensure accurate temperature measurement and llong term stability 

  • Light and state of art housing, easy installation 

  • Multiple thermistor & RTD outputs selection 

  • Wide temperature range and fast response 

  • High protection rate up to IP65 



Sensor:                                    High accuracy thermistor or RTD, see models 
Output:                                     thermistor or RTD, see models and resistance table 
Accuracy:                                 typical ±0.2~0.5°C@25°C, see models 
Wiring:                                      2 wires or 3 wires (RTD) 
                                                 (3 wires connection could obtain better accuracy) 

Work Temp.(Whole product):   -40~70°C, 0~95%RH (Non cond.) 
Medium Temperature (Probe): -40~100°C 
Storage Temperature:              -30~70°C 

Housing:                                   ABS housing, SS probe (f6mm), SS Well 
Cable (T5):                               Black, silicone, 2*0.3mm², 1m length, -60~180°C, 
Rconductor                               =0.069O/m, Rinsulation >100MO (25°C) 

Strap on(T6N)                         : stainless steel, diameter 15~150mm 
Protection:                               IP65(IP68 for T5, 1m water depth) 

Weight:                                     T2:160g;T4:340g;T5:35g;T2N:270g;T3N:220g; 

Approval:                                  CE

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