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PM2.5/PM10 Particulate Matter Transmitter

Application and Features


  • PM   series   are   designed   for   monitoring   &   controlling environment air quality (particulate matter PM2.5 & PM10)

  • PMW/PM10W is suitable for wall mount and PMD/PM10D is suitable for duct mount

  • The sensor has very good long-term stability, consistency accuracy is up to +/-10% readings or +/-10 ug/m3, with real-time response and support continuous acquisition

  • MBTF is more than 3 years for continuous service (service life can be up to 8-10 years in typical stable concentration change working conditions and auto(intermittent) work mode), free maintenance

  • All electrical terminals are on the inside bottom, avoid any possible destroy to PCB when wiring (for PMW/PM10W)

  • Digital technology applied, over voltage and reverse polarity protection, high reliability and anti-interference capability

  • LCD & touch function keys selectable

  • Optional relay output, can set various parameters and functions with LCD and keys, support all alarm or control mode, so it can be a stand alone controller (for PMW)

PM2.5 Sensor.jpg


Sensor:                                    Laser particulate matter sensor, detected particle size

                                                 0.3~10 um (PM2.5 & PM10)

Service Life:                             MBTF more than 3 years in continuous service mode,                                                                   service life up to 8-10 years in auto (intermittent)

                                                 service mode

Sampling Method:                    Laser scattering principle

Range:                                     0~500ug/m3 (measuring range >1000ug/m3)

Accuracy:                                +/-10 ug/m3 @0~100ug/m3, +/-10% reading@100~500ug/m3

m                                             @25°C/50%RH, see accuracy curve

Resolution:                              1 ug/m3

Response time:                       in continuous service mode, sample time<1s, 

                                                 response time<10s

Output:                                     4~20mA, 0~10V, RS485/Modbus

Relay:                                      1×SPST, 3A-30VDC/250VAC(PMW/PM10W)

Power supply:                          16~28VAC/16~35VDC

Load resistance:                       ≤500Ω (Current output), ≥2kΩ (Voltage output)

Display:                                     Optional LCD for all models

Keys:                                         Optional for PMW or PM10W only

Working environment:               0~50°C, 0~95%RH (Non-cond.)

Storage temperature:               -30~70°C

Housing:                                    fire retardant PC(UL94V-0)(PMW/PM10W), fire retardant



Protection:                                 IP30 (PMW/PM10W), IP65 (PMD/PM10D)

Weight:                                      200g (PMW/PM10W), 270g (PMD/PM10D)

Approval:                                   CE

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