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Water Leak Detector Module Model WDM-100

The INTELLIGENCE WDM-100 is an cost effective water detector monitoring module that gives the building operator an integrated system solution for detecting of water leak or water flooding from smaller buildings to larger facilities.



The INTELLIGENCE WDM-100 has  eight supervised inputs.  Each inputs can directly be connected to a water detector probe and detect an incident of water leak or water flood By measuring water resistance in the range Between 100 kOhm-2 MOhm.



Communication to INTELLIGENCE water detector monitoring module model WDM-100 is handled through the IntellNet Bus which is essentially a twisted pair, half duplex RS485 interface and the communication are actuated through the asynchronouse serial communication ports on the NetMaster Unit.  Data transmission rate is 19,200 baud.

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Power                      24 VDC 

Communications    1 X RS-485 

Communication      1200 to 19.2 K buad



Bus Length        4000 ft. using twisted pair

                            Cable with shielded.


Inputs:                 8 Water Detector Supervised

                              Inputs (100 kOhm-2MOhm)                  

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