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Programmable Local Switch Model RS Series

The DS Series is a cost effective programmable local switch which can be connects directly to LCU-100 IP Based Lighting Controller for local control via two wire RS-485.

“INTELLIGENCE” DS Series  Programmable Local Switch contains eight digital momentary switches.  Each can be programmed for individual relay control, group relay control , pattern relay control or dimmer control for a wide variety of Lighting Control Application.
As a general purpose, these devices are ideal for applications where 2 way control are required for control building equipment via these local/remote switches or via preprogramed On/off Time Scheduling from master control unit.




Power                    24 VDC

Communications  1 X RS-485 to LCU-100



Communication    1200 to 19.2 K buad



Bus Length           4000 ft. using twisted

                               Pair Cable with shielded.


Lighting Control:   1/2/4/8 Momentary                               

                                Switch with LED Status


                                Each Switch can be

                                Program as Individual,

                                Group or Pattern

                                Lighting Control                          

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