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Lighting Dimmer Expansion Module Model LCUX-100AO

The INTELLIGENCE LCUX-100AO Lighting Dimmer Expansion Module provides for a convenient and cost effective mean to add a dimming control points to IP Based lighting controller model LCU-100


The LCUX-100AO provided 16 X (0-10VAC/0-20mA) expandable for IP Based Lighting Controller model LCU-100IP.  Each Output can be used to send 0-10VDC or 0-20mA signal to lighting dimmer unit that can control the lighting dimming through a software configuration.


The LCUX-100AO Lighting Dimmer Expansion Module is designed to be plugged into an expansion port founded at the bottom of LCU-100IP by using multi pair cable.



LCUX-100AO (Lighting Dimmer Expansion Module


Outputs               16 X (0-10VDC) or (0-20mA)

Power Supply      24 VDC

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