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Intelligent Control Systems Co., Ltd.

INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEMS CO., LTD. was established in 1995 in order to handle the design and install of various electronic systems like the so called Facility Management System as well as safety and security management under the brand of "INTELLIGENCE".

It is INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEMS CO. LTD. to assist, to share and to introduce the specialty of proper combination of the state of the art engineering to the good Facility Management and Safety Management System to our client.

It is the organization that is fully integrated in electronic covering the various disciplines of special systems.

BAS Product copy 2.jpg
Our Customer 4.jpg
Building Automation System
BAS Product copy 2.jpg
Two Wire Remote Annunciator System
Two  Wire  Remote IO 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
Server Room Environmental Monitoring System
Server Room Environmental Monitoring System 2300  x 1387 copy.jpg
WiFi Sensor
Wifi Sensor 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
Lighting Control System
Lighting Control copy.jpg
Access Control System
Enegy Monitoring/Billing System
EMS copy.jpg
Freezer/Refrigerator Monitoring System
Access Control 1920 x 1387.jpg
Accessible Toilet Alarm System
Toilet Alarm System 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
Long Range Wireless Sensor
Long Range Wireless Sensor 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
Communication Converter
Communication Converter 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
Wired Sensor
Wired Sensor 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
Freezer Monitoring 2300 x 1387 copy.jpg
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