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RS-485 to Ethernet Converter Model USR-TCP232-304

1-port RS485 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-304 can transmit data transparently between TCP/IP and RS485. RS485 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-304 are widespread required in industrial automation. Simple configuration and easy to use.

● Single RS485 to Ethernet converters
● Compact, light weight
● RS485 port, cost-effective
● DC 4.75-7V
● Client connection: 1 to 16 in TCP Server Mode
● Support TCP server/client, UDP server/client, virtual COM

USR-TCP232_304 Small.jpg



Processor                         TI Cortex-M0

Ethernet Port                    Numbe r1

Interface                           Standard RJ45 

Rate                                 10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX, auto switch between cross and                                               direct connection

Protection                         2KV electromagnetism isolation, shell insulation blocking

Network Protocol              IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, https, ARP, ICMP

Buffer Send:                      6K bytes, receive: 4K bytes

Serial Port                         Port Number1

Interface                            Standard RS-485: 3 wire (A+, B-, GND)

Data Bits                           5, 6, 7, 8

Stop Bit                             1, 2

Check Bit                          None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark

Baud Rate                         600 bps ~ 230.4 Kbps

Flow Control                      Null

Buffer Receive:                 800 bytes

Software                            Virtual Serial(USR-VCOM)Windows 2000 or higher (32                                                    bit/64 bit)

Configuration                    Computer set-up software, serial command, built-in webpage

Size                                  71 x 60 x 25 mm

Operating Temp.               -25 ~ 75°C

Storage Temp                    -40 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH

Input Voltage                     DC 4.75 ~ 7V

Working Current                150mA @ 5V

Power                                  <1W


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