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I/O Expansion Module

The “INTELLIGENCE” family of expansion modules provides for a convenient, and cost effective means to add input and output points to two wire remote field controllers.


DIX-101 (Digital Input Expansion Module)


The DIX-201 contains 8 optically isolated Input expanable for two wire remote Field Controller Model DI-201.  The inputs can accept either digital voltage free contacts, switches or open collector output from another devices.


One DIX-201 digital input expansion board can be connected together (1 DI-201 and 1 DIX-201)


DOX-201 (Digital Output Expansion Module)


The DOX-201 provides 8 optically isolated Form A relays rated for 5 Amp expandable for two wire remote digital relay output Field Controller Model DO-201.  Each relay can be used for On/Off control of motors, lighting or any application that needs a  relay for On/off operation.


One DOX-201 digital relay output expansion board can be connected together (1 DO-201 and 1 DOX-201)

LEDX-201 (LED Driver Expansion Module)

The LEDX-201 provides eight LED outputs and each can drive LED directly. One LEDX-201 LED Driver expansion board can be connected together (1 LEDX-201 and 1 LEDX-201)

IO Expander.jpg



Power                      5 VDC

Current                   100  mA (All LED off)

Consumption          250 mA (All LED on)


Communications     RS-485 via twisted pair with shielded 



Communications     19,200 bit/sec  speed                


Bus Lenght              1,200 m. max. via twisted pair with

                                 shielded cable


Outputs:                   8 x  5VDC LED Outputs

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