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Mater Control Unit Model MX-100

INTELLIGENCE” Master Control Unit Model MX-100 is the heart of the system since it contains the Central Intelligence Unit, or CIU, and generate pulse trains and syncronize the transmittion for the entire system via 2 wire field and installation bus.


MX-100 receives the data from any field devices that are connected to two wire remote input unit that is installed at the remote location and send them to two wire remote output unit or LED driver unit with  the same unique addresses assigned via two-wire, EIA RS-485, half-duplex asynchronous serial communications using RTU Modbus response protocol. 


The MX-100 supports up to  64 nos of remote I/O module that including DI-201 (Digital Input Module), DO-201 (Digital Output Module), or LED-201 (LED Driver Module).

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Power                      12 VDC

Current                    500 mA



Communications     RS-485 Serial Communication     

Commucations        19,200 bit/sec



Two Wire                   64 Nodes Max.

Remote I/O



Bus Lenght              1,200 m.. max. via twisted pair with

                                  shielded cable

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