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WiFi Freezer/Refrigerator Monitoring Module Model FM-151W



The FM-151W is an  Stand  Alone WiFi Web Server Freezer/Refrigerator Monitoring/Alarm Module that gives an integrated system solution for monitoring freezers/refrigerator in the facility. 




· Vaccine/MedicineStorage

· Food Storage

· Laboratory




The FM-151W provides one PT-100 input for monitoring real time freezers/refrigerators temperatures, and one general propose contact input which can be used to monitor such as; freezer door, etc.


Alarm Notification


The FM151W provides a built-in buzzer and LINE/Email Notification feature to notify the operator In case of the current temperature of the unit rises above or fall below the preset limit, freezer door left to be too long open or freezer/refrigerator power supply failure.


Historical  Data  Record


The FM151W provides a built-in SD card for recording the historical freezer temperature data up to 5 year  with the time and date stamp and automatically recorded and stored as a files  in a CSV or Excel format.


Cloud Based Real Time Monitoring


The FM151W provides the remote monitoring feature that allows the user to be able  to monitor Real time Freezer/Refrigerator temperature remotely over the mobile phone through IOT cloud based.  



Power                      5VDC 

Back up Battery       Rechargeable Litium-

                                 Polymer  (2 hr. 

                                 back up  time)


Display:                    2.0” TFT Display

Real Time Clock:      Built-in RTC                        


Inputs:                     1 x  PT-100 input

                                  (Measuring range –200

                                 to 100 C. +/- 0.3 C. 



                                 1 x General Propose Contact input


Communications      WLAN 

Aarm Notify:             via LINE/Email Notification               

                                 Alarm Buzzer


Data Logger :           More Than 5 Year Historical   Data



Protocol Support:      MODBUS TCP



Dimension   :             92mm(W) x  65mm(H)  x  20mm(D)

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