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8 Channel Remote Digital Input Module Model DI-201

The INTELLIGENCE DI-201 is micro-processor based two wire remote digital input unit that gives the building operator an integrated system solution for monitoring and control of building equipment from smaller buildings to larger facilities.


As a general purpose, an intelligent monitoring unit, the DI-201, provides 8 digital inputs that can be digital voltage free contact, switches or open collector output from another device.  Thus, “INTELLIGENCE” DI-201 can be integrated fora wide range of facility remote monitoring and control application, such as, remote equipment status/alarm annunciator application, remote  or even security monitoring purposes.


The “INTELLIGENCE” DI-201 diigtal input board has 8 optically isolated digital input connection. 




Communication to “INTELLIGENCE” DI-201 is handled through half duplex RS-485 serial interface at the data transmittion rate at 19,200 bit/sec that is capable of transmitting multiple digital and analog signals up to 1.2 km, via a 1 pair of twisted pair with shielded cable. 


I/O Expansion


DI-201 contains the I/O expansion port for the additional low cost digital input expansion module DIX-201 and one DIX-201 digital input expansion board can be connected together (1 DI-201 and 1 DIX-101) and each

DI-201 New.jpg



Power                      12 VDC

Current                    500 mA



Communications     RS-485 Serial Communication     

Commucations        19,200 bit/sec



Two Wire                   64 Nodes Max.

Remote I/O



Bus Lenght              1,200 m.. max. via twisted pair with

                                  shielded cable

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