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Multi Technology Contactless Smart Card (13.56 Mhz) Model AY-Cx6355

The CSN SELECT™ AYC-x6355 is a series of multi-credential technology contactless smart card (13.56 MHz) readers with backlit keypad for use in access control system solutions and includes Rosslare’s convertible technology. They support access by an NFC compatible Android smartphone app*. The readers have the flexibility to read the Card Serial Number (CSN) from many smart card RFID standards, perfect for transitioning from one technology to another. UV resistant and with an IP65 rated sleek and modern design, the readers can be used comfortably in any installation environment whether indoors or outdoors



The standard AYC-x6355 readers are configured to read the CSN of the most popular smart cards in the security industry, as well as NFC compatible Android smartphones, and output the CSN in Wiegand format. Dual-authentication is available when both RFID smart cards and keypad PIN entries are combined. Four individual control lines provide green LED control, red LED control, and buzzer control inputs, as well as an output for the optical wall tamper detector. The readers can communicate with host controllers that support the Open Standard Device Protocol (OSDP). With convertible technology, the AYC-x6355 can automatically become a 500-user secure standalone controller when attached to a PS-x25T secure series intelligent power supply.


▪    Selectable Wiegand output formats using the CS-HCT Hardware         

     Configuration Tool for the DR-6255 application

▪    Eight keypad transmission formats are available and can be locally    

     selected via keypad programming ▪ Mounting options include US                   gangbox  and UK/Asia gangbox.


▪    Features Rosslare’s convertible technology

▪    NFC Android Smartphone is supported with the Android App for Host             Card  Emulation (HCE)

▪    Read the CSN from the following smart cards: ▪ ISO14443A - MIFARE®

     Ultralight® Nano / Ultralight EV1/ Ultralight C

   - MIFARE Classic® / Classic EV1

   - MIFARE Plus® S / SE / X / EV1

   - MIFARE DESFire® EV1 / EV2 - NFC N–TAG / Card Emulation

▪   ISO14443B - China National ID ▪ ISO15693

    - HID® iClass® , PicoPass, iCode, LEGIC

▪    ISO18092 - SONY® FeliCa® (Hong Kong Octopus)

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