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IP Based 8 UI/2 DO/2 AO Web Server Universal Controller Model  IPM-0804

The INTELLIGENCE IPM0804 is an intelligence IP Based Web Server stand alone controller that provides Direct Digital Control of packaged HVAC units, Air Handling Unit, Fancoil Units or Heat Pumps. It can be networked with other INTELLIGENCE field controllers such as, IPM1402, IPM0016, IPM0804 or LCU-100 through TCP/IP Network Protocol. 




A single IPM0804 can sense up to Eight inputs. Any inputs can be software defined as an analog (voltage or current), temperature, digital (on/off) or pulse counter. Thus, as a general purpose, INTELLIGENCE UNIT-302IP can be integrated with a wide range with a facility monitoring functions, such as: temperature, airflow, electrical submetering, Digital Voltage free contact or even security monitoring purposes.




The IPM0804 contains Four Form A relay outputs that can turn building equipment on and off  through a software configuration. On/Off Time scheduling can also be made through software.


Four analog outputs are also provided for either 0-10 VDC or 0-20 ma operation control of lighting dimmer, control valves or any control devices that need analog signals.




Communication to INTELLIGENCE IPM0804 is handled through TCP/IP or RS485 Communication Protocol with the ability to communicate to the users through System Server via TCP/IP or RS-485 ports




Memory               512 EE Prom Falsh Memory

Power                  24 VDC

Power                  250 mA


Communications  TCP/IP or RS485

Inputs:                  8 Universal inputs that can accept


                               - Voltages 0-5 VDC

                               - Curent (4-20 ma)

                               - Resistance (0-1 MOhm)

                               - Thermister (Tyoe III)

                               -  PT-1000

                               - Digital (on/off)

                               - Counter


Outputs:             4 single pole single throw

                             (SPST) Form A relays


                            4  X (0-20mA or 0-10 VDC)

                            Analog Outputs

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