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Networking Fire Door Monitoring/Alarm Module Model CB-100N

The INTELLIGENCE CB-100N is an microprocessor based Network Fire Door Monitoring/Alarm Module..  It contains 1 input for door status, 1 input for key switch and the other input for armed/disarmed contact from security controller. 


CB-100 also provides 2 outputs. One output is 12 VDC output that can be used  to control strobe and buzzer for an alarm indicator.  While the other output is a from A relay rated 1 amp that can be used to control magnetic door holder.


Communication to INTELLIGENCE CB-100N is handled through a twisted pair, half duplex RS485 interface.  CB-100 communication are actuated through the asynchronouse serial communication ports on the Network Controller Unit.

CB-100N Small.jpg


Power                                 :  12 VDC

Power  Consumption          :  6  VA

Inputs                                  :  1 X Door Status Input

                                            :  1 X Key Switch Input

                                            :  2 X Auxilary Inputs 


Outputs                                : 1 X Strobe Light and  Buzzer Output 

                                             :  1 X Form A Relay (1 amp.)


Communications                  :   RS-485 

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